Counseling and Consulting Psychology

David C. Mathis, Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Mathis provides counseling, consulting and psychotherapy services for children, adolescents and adults. Areas of interest include treatment for anxiety, depression, coping with chronic pain or other medical issues, as well as other psychological issues. Most types of insurance are accepted for clinical services.

Testing and evaluation services can aid in determining treatment needs. Referrals from physicians for ADHD evaluations are accepted and a variety of testing methods are employed to best understand your child and ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Dr. Mathis has a special interest in helping families who have special needs children such as autism.
"It is only out of the understanding of one's selfness that one person can be freely close to another without threat, obligation, need or fear." Julius Seeman

"I will become, in a sense, another self for you - an alter ego of your own attitudes and feelings - a safe opportunity for you to discern yourself more clearly, to experience yourself more truly and deeply, to choose more significantly." -- Carl Rogers, Client-Centered Therapy
Counseling for couples and partners is offered to address and resolve problems as well as strengthen relationships.

Consulting services includes conducting psychological evaluations for such needs as applying for admission to the police academy, "friend of the court" psychological evaluations for divorce and visitation issues, or other legal matters.
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