About Dr. Mathis

Dr. Mathis was awarded his doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 1992. His training and doctoral internship provided training in general psychological services, substance abuse, psychological evaluations, marital and family therapy and child therapy. He became a Licensed Psychologist that same year and has been practicing in Middle Tennessee since then.

During the course of his practice, Dr. Mathis has also served on the board of directors for local and state organization including the Southern Middle Tennessee Children’s Coalition and the Tennessee Psychological Association. He was selected as the Grassroots Psychologist of the Year in 1999 by the Tennessee Psychological Association. He has served as a consulting psychologist for a sleep disorders clinic, a pain management center, and a public school system. He has provided legal and forensic consultation in areas such as divorce and visitation disputes.
"Wisdom and foolishness
are practically the same.
Both are indifferent
to the opinions of the world." Joseph Campbell

"if there is anything i can do about the future, right now, i shall do it. then i'm going to just leave it alone and settle down to enjoy the present moment, because all the experience of my life has shown me that i can only cope with things when they are present, not before they occur. and that the present always gives me the resources and the energy to deal with them." DeMello
As part of my clinical training, professional practice must be guided by sound scientific research and findings. My doctoral dissertation research studied the relationship of personality factors on marital distress. I have maintained and expanded my interest in understanding and helping couples to resolve problems that arise as well as helping them deepen and strengthen their relationship. In addition, personal experiences and interests also increase the ability to understand and respond to others. As a parent with a special needs adult-child, life has brought a deeper understanding than any clinical training alone can provide. I enjoy assisting families of special needs children as they face the challenges that come with the various stages of development.

Counseling and Consulting Psychology